Construction and Renovation Photos


Kitchen Projects

Kitchen Floor Fully Refinished

Floor refinished, cabinets wrapped up to keep dust out, Belmont, MA.

Kitchen Sink Corner Tiling

Patterned Tiling around Kitchen sink counter and window, Belmont, MA.

Kitchen Sink Corner Completed

Tiling, cabinets and trim around the kitchen sink fully revealed, Belmont, MA.

Kitchen Stove And Cabinets Completed

The opposite side of the belmont kitchen with stove and cabinets fully revealed, Belmont, MA.

Kitchen Demolition Before

Kitchen after removal of counters, cabinets, stove and sink, Waltham, MA.

Kitchen Demolition After

Kitchen after completion with new counters, cabinets, stove and sink, Waltham, MA.

Tiling for Kitchen Floor

Putting in the Ceramic Tiles to cover a Kitchen floor, Waltham, MA.

Structure Replacement

Exterior structural repair

Removal of structural damage from carpenter ants, Newton Highlands

Interior support for structural repair

Temporary support in dining room for exterior wall replacement, Newton Highlands

Flooring of deck replaced

Whole deck tarped over to stain in cold weather, Newton Highlands

Exterior wall structural repair

Replacing studs damaged by carpenter ants, Lexington

Entrance porch and beams rebuilt

Small porch rebuilt after carpenter ant damage found in supports, West Roxbury

Cut section of Carpenter Ant damaged beam

The ants ate the beam to the point where it was as thin as paper, damage was invisible from the outside, extending 6 feet through this 8 inch square beam (from the right side of the small porch), West Roxbury

Cathedral ceiling cottage remodel

Framing for the Windows

Working on framing on of the recessed skylights. In the background is the attic access with its door off.

Hidden Access

Access door to the attic, tightly fit, with the hinges and handle painted to match wood.

Trim Around Window

The trim around one of the recessed skylights.

Rebuild and Repaint

Barn Foundation Repair & Repaint

The corner of this barn had to be jacked up and the stone foundation repaired, then repainted, Naples, NY.

Start of Repair & Repaint

Damaged Section of Historic Town Hall, repaired bird nesting damage, Naples, NY.

Repair of Mansard Roof

Structural Repair and Reshingling of Mansard Roof, Naples, NY.

Post Office Eaves and Facade Painting

Painting of the second story front and eaves of the post office, Naples, NY.

Front View of Information Booth

Tourist information kiosk, using weathered boards, real slates on roof for old, country look, Naples, NY.